Why Garden Party

You can stick the label on Garden Party, the address for artist, crew, tour, and party catering because the service package is extremely versatile. In addition, the label may be attached to the catering company  because the caterer gives substance to the concept of catering in a special and unique way.

You Will Immediately Recognise Catering From this Specialist

Why Garden Party have masterered all facets of the profession that is called catering to the last detail. You can call on the specialists for every party or event. They also stand firm in the fields of artist catering and crew catering. If the catering is provided by Garden Party, you will recognise it immediately. Why Garden Party always gives its own creative twist. It is not without reason that you often hear the expression typical Why Garden Party.

If you are organising an event, call in the specialist for both artist catering and crew catering. As an organiser, you want all performing artists to be pampered and to receive good and healthy food (goed en gezond eten). Then, the chance of a fantastic performance is great.

The fact that Why Garden Party has mastered its craft as no other catering company  has already been demonstrated by, among others, the Friends of Amstel Live and Concert at Sea. It was not without reason that the artists turned out to be in top form that evening.

Work by the Caterer Has a Binding Effect

In the past, the employees behind the scenes were often forgotten. How different is that now? Let Why Garden Party take care of catering for the crew and be assured that you can once again appeal to this indispensable group of people, who often do mountains of work. By offering them good and healthy food, they are also able to do their best work. They often do their work with no assurance of getting healthy food or drinks after work.

From a Healthy Breakfast to a Snack Afterwards

Crew catering can be provided throughout the day; from a nutritious and healthy breakfast to a concluding drink and a snack after another successful festival day.

Through more than thirty years of experience, the specialists know exactly what the crew wants and how they want it. The work of the caterer has a binding effect. When you give your crew members healthy food and drinks, you can be sure that they will want to work with you again in the next year.

The Complete Interpretation of the Party

Are you organising a staff party, an anniversary or a wedding? Party catering on location is probably part of your plan for the party. If you are looking for excellent catering services, then you are in the right place at Why Garden Party. In addition to eating and drinking, they can and would like to help you get the most from your party. The caterer is highly experienced in the field of on-site catering and knows how to give each party a unique twist.

The Dishes are Prepared in a Unique Way

We prepare all our dishes using fresh products. Our preparation methods are transparent and we can prepare our dishes in the presence of everyone. We do not keep any secrets about our working and preparation methods. If you have an anniversary or a different event later, we always manage to come up with something different. We will, for example, use different window frames, dishes, and decorations.

Also unique is the way in which this caterer prepares the dishes. The dishes are always tasty and prepared only with the best and freshest products.

Customer Wishes are Paramount

It is always a pleasure to see the same people making your special dishes again and again. Full of passion and craftsmanship, the dishes they serve are always tasty, healthy and nutritious. Why Garden Party does not shy away from any events. It does not matter whether it is a company drink or a symposium.

Of course, the specific wishes of the customer always come first and we deliver what is requested. In addition, this specialist always gives that and a little bit more. That could be something special on your plate or something in the decoration of the whole event. In any case, it is always special.

Versatile and Healthy Food

The catering company is versatile. Why Garden Party will always deliver healthy food to the address of the party we are catering to. We can provide the artist catering and catering for the crew to perfection.

This also applies to providing catering on any location. If you want to know if high quality is being delivered, just ask The Golden Earring, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jan Smit, and Nick and Simon. It cannot be a coincidence that they all had great performances after being pampered by the specialist in all forms of catering.

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